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Job Opportunities in Singapore

Although in your work you are a experienced professional but still you have to face many challenging career in Singapore. As this city is known as the “Global City with a World of Opportunities” could be the place for you to make the most out of your career. In both established and emerging sectors talent and experience is the basic requirement. Different sectors are their which has the various opportunities these include as follows:

1)  Jobs in Banking & Finance Sector: In a year more than 114,000 jobs in over 500 financial institutions are provided by this sector which accounts more than 11% of Singapore's GDP. Singapore is treated as the world’s fourth largest foreign exchange trading centre and the world’s leading financial centre due to its deep financial talent involvement. With this the Singapore’s banking and financial sector also increase the employment opportunities in various streams like compliance officers, IT development officers, product controllers, risk managers etc.

2)  Jobs in IT Sector: due to the highly development of the information technology and telephony in 1999, its demand increases and now it is involved in almost all the business and personal lives. IT specialists are in great demand now a day in almost every forward-looking industry i.e. banking and finance, manufacturing, logistics, finance, entertainment, transportation, healthcare etc.

3)  Jobs in Biomedical Sciences: Singapore's is one of the biggest trader of pharmaceuticals, medical technology, biotechnology and related healthcare services which developed in 2000 and adding the huge economy. In future approximately 15,000+ new Singapore jobs opens by 2015 for the skilled talent pool of chemists, production engineers, quality assurance engineers, quality controllers and quality control engineers etc. Some of the institutes which plays an important role include:

  1. Institute of Molecular & Cell Biology
  2. Institute of Bioengineering & Nanotechnology
  3. Bio-processing Technology Institute

4)  Jobs in Chemicals Industry: in oil industry the Singapore is one of the leading industry which adds huge amount in economy. As the Singapore has no raw material of its own bu still the industry has achieved several worldwide recognitions like one of the top oil refining centres in the world; one of the top three oil trading and price discovery centres in the world; one of the top ten petrochemical hubs in the world; one of the top three bulk liquid ports in the world; and houses eight of the world’s top ten flavours and fragrances companies. Its Singapore Chemical Industry Council (SCIC) received a bulk of investments from several industry associations in 2006 and hence boost the thousands of jobs in the chemical industry by 2009. Some of the main institutions of Singapore’s Chemical Industry include:
a) Institute of Chemical and Engineering Sciences (ICES)
b) Singapore Petroleum Company Ltd

5) Jobs in Electronics Industry: Singapore electronic industry also adds the bulk of investments and hence one of the main contributor of Singapore’s GDP. Singapore includes the largest manufacturing industry of the electronics. So the input of the highly skilled professional is also welcomed by this industry. Some of the important players in Singapore’s Electronics Industry include:

  1. Singapore Manufacturers Federation
  2. Professional Engineers Board
  3. Spring Singapore (Standards, Productivity and Innovation Board)
  4. Singapore Precision Engineering & Tools Association

6) Jobs in Healthcare Sector: Singapore's has the world wide reputation in healthcare service. Due to its excellence and international reputation as a leading medical tourism destination has serve more than 400,000 international patients who came here for medical treatments in 2006. and this figure will be increase in future by millions thus creating at least 13,000 new jobs for doctors, nurses, dieticians, radiographers, therapists, clinical audiologists etc. Some of the groups in Healthcare Industry includes:

  1. SingHealth Services
  2. National Healthcare Group
  3. Ministry of Health

7) Jobs in Info-Communications & Digital Media Sector: Singapore’s Info-Communications & Media (ICM) is one of the biggest hub of the Asia’s broadcast  which involves world’s top 19 cable & satellite broadcast networks such as BBC, CNBC Asia, Discovery Channel Asia, ESPN STAR Sports, HBO etc. One of the important Singapore’s info-communications & digital media industry is Infocomm Development Authority.

8) Jobs in Maritime/Marine & Offshore Industry: due to the advantage of its shores Singapore works towards becoming the leading International Maritime Centre in the regional and global arenas, also have the opportunity of many job careers such as designer engineer, geologist, geophysicist, geoscientist, marine engineer, naval architect, petroleum engineer, process engineer, project manager etc. Onshore job opportunities can also available in plenty like executives and professionals in shipping, port operations, ship broking, maritime insurance, maritime finance etc. the main Singapore’s maritime/marine & offshore industry include:

  1. Maritime & Port Authority of Singapore
  2. Singapore Maritime Foundation

9) Jobs in Tourism & Hospitality Sector: due to its fame the Singapore is now one of the biggest hubs to the tourist. Large number of tourist came here and this boost the job opportunities in tourism that includes new and refreshing existing jobs, world-class training opportunities and a lot more. The establishment of the two casino resorts is going on in Singapore that will also have a big positive impact on Singapore's job market in the Singapore's Tourism & Hospitality Sector.

So Singapore is the best place to find the jobs and includes the great working environment and with the passage of time this increase the job opportunities as well.


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