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Overview of Singapore Work Permit Schemes

The main aim of our company is to provide you the overview of various work permit schemes available in Singapore. Singapore is the huge business and commercial hub in Southeast Asia partly due to its creative immigration policies designed to attract seasoned entrepreneurs and working professionals from around the world. Different work permit schemes for foreigners in the professional employment visa category:

  1. Employment Pass (EP)
  2. Entrepreneur Pass (EntrePass)
  3. S Pass
  4. Personalized Employment Pass (PEP)

From the above S Pass come under a quota system. So the  work permit will be approved mainly based on the merits of the applicant and not external factors. More details about the above work passes are provided below:


a) Work Permit Scheme Employment Pass:

The Employment Pass (EP) is the main meant for company owners or skilled employees in order to work in Singapore. For this you should have the fixed monthly salary which is more than S$2,500 and you should be a degree holder from a reputable university.

Following are some of the important points to remember:

  1. The Validity of employment Pass is initially issued for 1-2 years and  renewable as long as the applicant continues to be employed by the company.
  2. Educated company owners and professional staff are eligible to have employment pass.
  3. No. Each EP application is considered based in its own merit
  4. Permanent Residence Eligibility: Employment Pass holders are eligible to apply for PR status in due course. 


b) Work Permit Scheme: Entrepreneur Pass

 Entrepreneur Pass or EntrePass is a type of work permit pass given to the entrepreneur who might not qualify under Employment Pass category due to the lack of education qualifications. Following points must be remember:

  1. Validity: Entrepreneur Pass is initially issued for 1-2 years (at the discretion of authorities) and  renewable after that as long as the business remains viable.
  2. Eligibility:Company owners that doesn’t have good education.
  3. Each Employment pass application is considered by its own merit so there is no quota system.
  4. Entrepreneur Pass holders are eligible to apply for PR status in some duration.


c) Work Permit Scheme: S Pass

The mid-skilled employees who earn a fixed monthly salary of at least $1,800 this S Pass is meant for them. S Pass applicants are judged on employer's quota eligibility and applicant's qualifications. The technical diploma is acceptable for this kind of work pass. Following points must be remembered:

  1. Validity: S Pass is initially issued for 1-2 years (at the discretion of authorities) and renewable after that as long as the applicant continues to be employed by the employer.
  2. Mid-level staff only is eligible to this.
  3. In general, the number of S Pass holders a company may hire is capped at 25% of the company's total workforce. So in this quota is done.
  4. Permanent Residence Eligibility: after 4 to 5 years S pass holders are eligible to apply for PR status.


d) Work Permit Scheme: Personalised Employment Pass (PEP)

The Personalised Employment Pass (PEP) is a special type of Employment Pass that is specific employer. You can join the jobs without re-applying for a new employment pass provided that you are not unemployed for more than six months. Candidates must fulfill some of the basic requirements before a PEP is approved.

  1. PEP is issued for 5 years and it is non-renewable.  
  2. Well paid professionals who want to work in Singapore for an employer are eligible. They cannot start their own business in Singapore.
  3. Each PEP application is considered based in its own merit so no quota system is applicable.
  4. PEP holders are eligible to apply for PR status in some period of time. 


Work Permit Scheme: Miscellaneous Work Pass

This work pass is issued to foreigners working in Singapore on short-term assignments. For the following specific cases this work pass can be issued:
i) involved in activities directly related to the organisation or conduct of any seminar, conference, workshop, gathering or talk concerning any religion, race or community, or political end;
ii) a foreign religious worker giving talks relating directly or indirectly to any religion; or
iii) a foreign journalist, reporter or an accompanying crew member not sponsored by any Singapore Government agency.

Following points must be in consideration while applying for this pass:

  1. Validity: Depends
  2.  Each Misc Work Pass application is considered based in its own merit so no quota system is there.
  3. Permant Residence Eligibility: Misc Work Pass holders are not eligible to apply for PR status.


Work Permit Scheme: Training Employment Pass

This pass is issued to the foreigners who are going under the practical training in Singapore. You can apply for this training pass if you fulfill the following requirements:
a) Undergraduate students who are holding trainee’s degree program from an reputed institution.
b) An intra-company trainee must hold the degree or diploma. You must earn a fix monthly income of $2500 and also hols the acceptable tertiary or professional qualification.


Employment Pass Eligibility Certificate (EPEC)

The Employment Pass Eligibility Certificate (EPEC) is a special type of social visit pass that allows the applicant to come and stay in Singapore for 6-12 months and look for a job this is not treated exactly a work permit. Once you are hired at job, you will still need to file an employment pass application. 

  1. EPEC is issued for 6-12 months and is non-renewable.
  2. Professionals with tertiary education working overseas are eligible.
  3. Each EPEC application is considered based in its own merit hence there is no quota system.
  4. EPEC holders are not eligible to apply for PR status. Only when the EPEC holders obtained the Employment Pass, they are eligible for PR under the Employment Pass category.


Multiple Journey Business Visa

The Singapore Multiple Journey Business Visa is meant for foreign business executives who travel to Singapore frequently but for short duration to attend to their business matters. The important benefit of this visa is that you don't need to apply for an entry-visa every time you plan to visit Singapore.

  1. For the period of 2 or 5 years approved by authorities.
  2. Each application is considered with its own merit without any quota system.
  3. Permanent Residence is not eligible

Singapore has relatively flexible and convenient immigration policies that are designed to facilitate the relocation of foreign entrepreneurs and working professionals to Singapore through various work permit schemes. In order to attract more and more non-citizen population these passes are given.



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