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Resources in Singapore to search the job

The first step in order to have job in Singapore is the searching of the best job according to your skills and interest and also depends on the needs of the employer. The most commonly technique to find the job is to respond to advertised vacancies, both in print and electronically. Some of the ways by which you can search for the job are:

1) Recruit Section of Singapore in Newspapers: the first way to search the job is to look in the newspapers and in Singapore also newspaper is the best way to find job. Almost all the top employers prefer to advertise job openings in the Recruit section of newspapers. Mainly the newspaper “The Straits Times Singapore’s” is the major English newspaper. In Saturday edition of The Straits Times’ Recruit the lists the most number of classified jobs and executive appointments are present as compared to the rest of the weeks. With this list many jobs are open in wide range of industries. There are some instructions while you search the job in the newspaper:

  1. Daily search of job is necessary (except on Sundays) in the Recruit section.
  2. Quickly respond to the different job openings which you have selected by emailing, calling up company, mailing your resume and cover letter.
  3. Safely keep the record of all the advertisements to which you have responded and list the job title, company name, company background and company contact details for each job application. This will be beneficial at the time of interview if the company calls.
  4. Have patience. It may take several months or days for your response.

2) Singapore Online Job Sites: In today’s world online or World Wide Web is the most famous and helpful method to search a job everywhere in the world. This is the easiest way to search the job and also have the positive results. Many online sites are present where the companies advertise the job openings and jobseekers can respond to these job advertisements. Online submission of jobs is also very popular and allows the employer to select the right candidate for their job. So online job sites are good platforms for jobseekers to perform a job search in Singapore and employers to perform an employee search. Some of the popular online job sites in Singapore are:


Following points must be follow while you apply for the job on world wide web:

  1. Register on several online job sites as a jobseeker. Only registered users are allowed to upload their resume, update their profiles, retrieve tips and articles on Singapore employment and receive job updates via email, etc.
  2. After registration process, you can use the search engine to start searching and applying for jobs. Also, you can even narrow down your search to preferred industry, experience level, career level, location and even salary range.
  3. Interviews request are often sent via emails so check your email regularly.

3) Employment Agencies in Singapore: the fastest method to get the job is to engage with an employment agency or executive recruitment firm to match you with a suitable employer. They charge the fees for their services. The charge is always some percentage of the first salary. Following suggestions must keep in mind in order to search the job with the help of employment agency:

    1. The employment agency has good reputation in Singapore and specializes in your field.
    2. Talk to the agency and identify the recruiter who will be helping you to find a job in Singapore. Make him aware of your skills and strengths and the kind of job that will be ideally suited for you.
    3. Pick his brain to learn about how best you can prepare and go through the interviews with employers in Singapore.
    4. Be open to suggestions and interviews for positions slightly different from the ones you requested for.
    5. Keep in regular touch with the recruiter and let him/her know of your determination to land a job in Singapore.

4) Company Websites

If your choice is limited to certain companies then you should visit their sites regularly in order to select the best possible career openings. You can either deposit your resume at the company’s online resume bank and can wait for further proceedings by the companies.
You can either send a letter of application and your resume to the Human Resources department or specific managers. As this is the direct contact method of finding a job and are in high demand.
You are always judged by the following methods by the hiring companies like:

  1. Initiative
  2. Willingness to accept responsibility
  3. Ability to grow within your job and the company
  4. Your ability to assume authority when required
  5. Your respect of authority
  6. Your level of expertise
  7. Your ability to manage and lead others
  8. Your ability to work in a team environment
  9. A personality that demonstrates self-confidence
  10. The courage to make tough decisions
  11. Compatibility with the corporate culture
  12. Your demonstration of high energy and enthusiasm.

When you are able to convince the hiring manager that you possess many of the above qualities, you will have a very good chance of finding a job in Singapore.

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