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A copyright protects an original artistic or literary work.


When you want the company’s reorganization different from another by the word or symbol or sign or design then trademark of the product or services will be necessary.

By registering a trademark you can exclusively use that name, and it provides the owner’s capability. Benefits of trademark:

  1. To offer licenses and franchises of the company.
  2. To be differentiated from its competitors.
  3. To be protected from third parties using an equal or similar name, exercising the legal actions that correspond.
  4. To protect the Internet domain name.
  5. To discard others attempting to register similar trademarks.
  6. To have priority over third parties wanting to register their trademarks, in countries which do not require registration.

Key Features
Although the registration with trademark is not necessary in Singapore but it is advised due to create the uniqueness of the product.

  1. Trademark in Singapore has the effect in Singapore only not in any other country. For the worldwide registration madrid protocol will be helpful
  2. It must be in the form of sign means any letter, word, signature, numeral, device, brand, heading, label, ticket, shape or colour.
  3. No time limit is fixed by the Singaporean government. The validity of the trademark will be for 10 years after that period one should renew the registration.


Following steps should be taken in order to complete the registration these are:

  1. Applicant should know the class of goods and services under which registration is done there are class 1 to 34 under the International Classification of Goods and Services generally referred to as the "ICGS". 
  2. Application fees for the registration are not refundable in any way.
  3. The registration is online or the application is sent to the Registry of Trade Marks by hand, mailed to the Singapore trademark office. The fee for registration of a trademark under each class is S$340 (manual) and S$310 (online).
  4. Application is then reviewed by the Singapore trademark office for the completeness and compliance
  5. Then it is checked that the sign is unique or similar to any other company’s trademark.
  6. Application is then reviewed whether the mark is registrable in accordance with the Singaporean laws.
  7. Once the trademark is accepted by the Singaporean law then the acceptance will be published for public information in the Trade Marks Journal to make sure of no obligation by any other party.
  8. Once this process is completed then the trademark will be register in favor of the applicant.

Singapore also wants to encourage inventors to patent and commercialize their inventions.


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