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The Singapore Companies Act requires all Singapore Private Limited companies to have at least one shareholder be it an individual or a corporation. It is not necessary for the shareholder to be a Singapore Resident.
Upon incorporating your Singapore or offshore company, you can either act as a shareholder yourself or we can provide you with a nominee shareholder with a view to securing your corporate privacy. Some clients do not wish to be identified as shareholders of the companies that they have set up because they want to hide themselves therefore wish to appoint nominee shareholders. These nominee shareholders will hold the shares on trust for the beneficial owners and only they will be identified on the register of shareholders.
Nominee shareholder appointed will written declaration of trust to the beneficial owner that they are holding the shares on behalf of the beneficial owner and will return the shares into the name of the beneficial owner or will transfer them to another party as requested.  With our service the nominee is not the legal owner of the shares, and the underlying investors have the "beneficial interest" in the shares: i.e. they are entitled to all income and capital gains on them.

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