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Singapore is one of the best places to settle and live in. 40% of the people in Singapore are migrants or decedents. Due to its incredible efficiency - from the immigration authorities to the transportation etc people impressed. Ease in applying for a visa, looking for the right accommodation or finding a school is appreciated.
Singapore's attracts foreign professionals in bulk. So, whether you are an professional or an entrepreneur, you will find that Singapore is truly a best place to enter in.

To work in Singapore one must hold the work permit visa. Basically they are categorized into two main groups which include foreign talent and foreign workers. One who are professional and educated, they are under foreign talent and one who are uneducated and the unskilled labor forced they are foreign workers.
Skilled workers are given the permanent resident status within 6 months to 2 year while the citizenship is granted within 2 to 10 years.
Unskilled workers are not allowed to stay permanently in Singapore. They are for the short duration of time and has to go back in their home country.


This EP is meant for the skilled employees that will be working in Singapore. For this pass you should have the minimum salary of S$2500 and should be a degree holder from any reputed university.
EP visa is permit by the Singapore govt. for 1 or 2 years according to the duration of the project one holds but this can be renewable if the applicant continues to be employed by the company.
Only the Company owners and professional staff with good education are eligible to apply for the visa. No. Each EP application is considered based in its own merit in quota system. Employment Pass holders are eligible to apply for PR status after some time. 

Professional Visas

These visas are issued by the govt. to the foreign professionals who have found employment in Singapore and are now want to commence their work or those who need to make short visits for their professional requirements and others who are seeking training opportunities.

Professional Visit Pass (PVP)

In order to undertake the short term professional assignments in Singapore one has to need the PVP. There are some basic necessities in order to apply for the PVP:

  • Foreigner who is a speaker, organizer, workshop leader at the Singapore conferences, seminars, workshops.
  • To provide a religious talk in Singapore Foreign religious worker are permited.
  • Foreign journalist, reporter not supported or sponsored by any Singapore Government agency, to cover an event or write a story in Singapore.
  • Foreign artists performing at theatres, night-clubs, lounges, pubs and other similar entertainment outlets in Singapore.

Training Visit Pass

The person who is undergoing on Training in Singapore is permitting this Training Visit Pass. To apply for a Training Visit Pass, one should hold an acceptable degree / professional qualifications or should currently be an undergraduate of a reputed University/tertiary institution or should be able to secure a minimum basic monthly stipend of more than S$2,500.

Visas for Entrepreneurs

Singapore Entrepreneur Pass is a work visa meant for those who intend to start a private limited company in Singapore. If you are a foreigner who a) doesn't have good education but have successful business record; b) wants to setup a private limited company; and c) wants to relocate to Singapore to run the company, the Singapore Entrepreneur Pass will be a suitable type of relocation visa for you
Three types of permits for the entrepreneurs are granted by the Singaporean government

  • Global Investors Programme
  • Long-Term Social Visit Pass for Entrepreneurs
  • EntrePass / Employment Pass

Global Investors Programme (GIP)

In order to start and set up the business in Singapore by the foreign investors, business executives and entrepreneur, GIP is the easy way. EDB (Economic Development Board)  will guide the steps in linking-up with foreign entrepreneurs and investors with local business networks. This creates a wider range of opportunities for business collaborations and increasing the countries economy.

Long-Term Social Visit Pass for Entrepreneurs

Visa for Multiple Journey

Those who went for frequent business travel in Singapore are not required the separate visa for each visit. This one time visa is for the multiple journey each lasting up to 30 days are allowed to travel within the validity period. This Visa helps the businessman to explore its business opportunities or to attend to your business and investments.

Visa For General Visit

Those who want to explore their business activities and want to stay for the period of 6 months or travel in between this pass is feasible and allows you to re-enter the Singapore within the validity period without applying each time.

EntrePass / Employment Pass

Different types of categories are there for the Employment Pass in Singapore.

Employment Pass P1 and P2

  1. For a P1 Pass, one should be professionally qualified or skilled professional, administrative, executive or managerial capacity.

  2. You must have a basic monthly salary of more than S$7,000.

  3. For a P2 Pass, you need to be earning more than S$3,500 and up to S$7,000 per month.

  4. With a P Pass, your spouse, adopted children and dependent children below 21 years of age may accompany you on Dependant's Passes. On long term social visit passes aged parents and parents-in-law can also visit a P Pass holder.

Employment Pass Q1

  • For a Q1 Pass, you should have the acceptable degrees, professional qualifications or specialist skills and earn a basic monthly salary of more than S$2,500 .
  • You may get the  Dependant's Passes for your spouse and children.

S Pass          

1)   Those Applicants who applied for S Pass will be assessed on a points system. The points are divided into four categories, namely, salary, educational qualifications, number of years of work experience and job type.
2)   Applicants are judged through points how much they meet each criterion. The points given for each category of criteria will be different by the time depending on market conditions.
3)   To accept the S Pass, the Singaporean govt. consider monthly basic salary of S$1,800 of an applicant.
4)   S Pass holders with S$2,500 basic monthly salary may also obtain Dependant's Passes for their spouse and children.

Employment Pass for Entrepreneurs (EntrePass)

In order to run a business in Singapore an employment pass called EntrePass is required for outsiders. This EntrePass is required before or after the start of business including business plan. For your assistance GNV Consultancy helps you in completion and submission of the application.

Employment Pass Applications for Employee

Our information guide will help the outsiders who wish to work in Singapore with employment pass applications.

Personalized Employment Pass Scheme(PEP)

This is to attract the global talent to Singapore. From January 2007, to attract the global talent PEP is introduced by which the people who get the graduation from the local institutes and have worked here it provides pass for them to continue working in Singapore.
PEP is granted only on the basis of individual merits and not on the basis of any relation. It help the people by providing a pass to stay for 6 months during the job and this time they can search out the new employment opportunities.
For a person to be eligible for PEP he/she must have earned the salary of  S$30,000 or more in the previous years. Following are the groups of EP holders who are eligible for the PEP:
1)  P1 and P2 pass holders
            Two years working experience is necessary to apply on a P Pass.
2) Q1 pass holders
            At least five years of working experience is required to apply on a Q1 pass;

  • Foreign students from institutions of higher learning in Singapore  

For the foreign graduates getting education in Singapore at least two years of working experience is required P or Q1 Pass.

General visit visas

This pass is mainly meant for tourists, friends and families. This visa is valid for few days to few months.

     * Social Visit Pass

     * Long Term Social Visit Pass

     * Dependant’s Pass

Social Visit Pass

This pass will not allow you to work in the country. You can stay for the short duration due to you business assignments or job interviews. The initial validity period is between two and four weeks, the Social Visit Pass should be renewed for up to three months in order

Long-Term Social Visit Pass

Long-term Social pass is mainly for the parents or the parents in-laws of the permanent residents or the P Employment pass holders. For the people applying for the Long-Term Social Visit Passes  they need work permit to work in Singapore.

  • parents
  • parents-in-law re

Long-Term Social Visit Pass holders are required to obtain their own Employment Pass or Work Permit in order to work in Singapore.

Dependant's Pass

Employment Pass holders(P1,P2,Q1) they need dependent passes for his/her spouse or their children under 21 years of age. For the S Pass holders with basic monthly salary of  S$2,500 they also required dependent pass for their spouse and children.



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